Tuttodunpezzo is very strong. He always knows what to do. When Tuttodunpezzo travels, he does not forget anything at home. He’s Tuttodunpezzo: he has got always everything he needs. Tuttodunpezzo does not give a bit of heart to anyone. Never ever. He simply can’t: he is Tuttodunpezzo.

Tuttodunpezzo is a classic type of our time: strong, confident, dynamic, impenetrable, selfish, made of stainless steel. The type of guy many would like to be, but would prefer not to meet on their way. Tuttodunpezzo proceed undaunted in its path, and nothing and no one can stop his march. Until one day, quite unexpectedly, a hole…

This book was awarded a Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrator of NY, distinguished by 3×3 Magazine and AI-AP, in the category of moving Image. Video here.

Cristina Bellemo

André da loba

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