Once there was a RoosterRooster Wouldnt Shut UpThey called the catThey Called the dogThey Called a Stickthey Called FireThey Called RainThey Called a BullThey Called a ManThey Caleed DeathA great Hurricane

The Rooster

An unpublished project based on a cumulative folk song.

Early In the morning,
The rooster wouldn’t stop singing
and everybody just wanted to sleep.

So they called a cat to chase the rooster,
but the cat didn’t want to chase the rooster.

So they called a dog to bite the cat,
but the dog didn’t want to bite the cat.

So they called a stick to beat the dog,
but the stick didn’t want to beat the dog.

So they called a fire to burn the stick,
but the fire didn’t want to burn the stick.

So they called water to extinguish the fire,
but the water didn’t want to extinguish the fire.

So they called a bull to drink the water,
but the bull didn’t want to drink the water.

So they called a man to eat the bull,
but the man didn’t want to eat the bull.

So they called death to take the man,
but death didn’t want to take the man.

Soon came the end of the day,
and everybody went to sleep.


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